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Monday, December 2, 2013

Need A Holiday Gift Idea? Consider The Hydro Floss.

hydrofloss oral irrigator

Here are ten reasons to consider the Hydro Floss as your next Holiday Season Gift:

1.  Good dental health is precious.

2.  Your gift recipient could save a lot of money on expensive dental bills through better prevention

3.  Giving someone the ability to keep their teeth for a lifetime of good service is a precious gift that keeps on giving

4.  Expensive dental work is also often painful

5. Their teeth (and yours) belong in their / your head and not in a glass cup or bowl.

6.  The cost of a single implant in the US often exceeds $2000

7.  The cost of a Scaling and Root Planing Treatment often costs $1500 or more in the US.  (full mouth)

8.  Your or your gift recipient would like to spend money on something other than expensive dental bills.

9.  There is nothing, including expensive solutions, that is a perfect replacement for your own natural teeth!

10.  You love the person and or yourself!

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