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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Become Debt Free

Become debt free as soon as possible
To live under the burden of debt is a horrid thing.   I owe money for student loans as well as a house mortgage.

I would have much more money to invest or spend as I please without these burdens.  

The financial system is slanted against us by very rich people who control the banking system. 

Many of us have become debt slaves.

Becoming debt free is the first step towards your financial independence - is such a thing can be achieved. 

You can only live a better life when you earn (or keep) more than the average person keeps.

If the income that you keep - after taxes, expenses, financial burdens, etc  are below average then you have less ability to move about and function in this world than the average person.

One way to work on this problem is to become debt free. 

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