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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Where To Buy Tea Tree Oil
When you are looking for Tea Tree Oil, you do NOT want to buy the cheapest.   You want a quality blend in good packaging.

For example: You want 100% pure Australian tea tree oil.   it HAS to pass the smell test!   If Tea Tree Oil SMELLS like turpentine, it is NOT a high quality oil - no matter what they say. 

Example 2.  Quality labeling, I'm willing to bet that you have probably seen at least one label that smeared or ran when a little oil got in touch with the label.  

Toothy Grins Tea Tree Oil solves both problems.   You get high quality, 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil in a dropper top bottle with a professional looking label that does not smear or run!

You can check it out here. 

You can also get this oil at Toothy Grins Store.   Use coupon code 40OFFOIL for a 40% discount on your purchase.     Use the coupon here.