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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year Resolution Is To Conquer Bad Breath?

No One Is An Island
The social and work related problems that come from chronic bad breath should be enough to cause anyone with that problem to want to find a solution.   If you are in THAT boat.  Check this out

In the end, its about being social.  It doesn't matter if it is a personal matter or work / career.  Not only do we want to be social creatures, we ARE social creatures.  The problem of bad breath interferes with our capacity to be social. 

Being social is a necessity for human beings.  No one does well on their own and isolated.  Therefore, we really have very little choice but to BE social. 

Removing and then preventing bad breath is removing / preventing obstacles to being social.   It's not just about our private lives, our work / career depend on it.   If not that, then our social / volunteer activities depend on it.    We are seriously hindered if we cannot be social.   So, removing / preventing bad breath becomes vitally important to all of us. 

Chime in if you have some thoughts to add.