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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hydro Floss Hose Assembly Instructions

Update:  Video Instructions:

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Written Directions: 

These written directions were sent to me by a customer, who successfully replaced his hose assembly.

Please be forewarned:  Toothy Grins Store cannot and does not warranty or guarantee these instructions.  If you follow them, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk.

I generally tell folks to only do this if they have good mechanical skills.  

Here is what a customer sent in:  

Replacement Hydro floss irrigator and hose assembly arrived very quickly.
  • It only took 10 - 15 minutes to replace the old one and start it up. 
  • Remove 4 base screws. 
  • Remove top cover and hose guide. 
  • Remove pressure adjusting assembly. 
  • Slide compression fitting off with small screwdriver, remove hose from unit. 
  • Reassembly is simply the reverse. 
  • Set the compression fitting on new hose. 
  • Press new hose into the hose nipple and press compression fitting in place. 
  • Replace pressure adjusting unit while aligning the gears on control knob. 
  • Replace hose guide and top cover. 
  • Install 4 screws into the base. 
  • Thanks for a great product and quick delivery.

* Here is an additional note from another customer:

 It is the cylinder over the hose that must be forced off. Screwdrive won't work. need something to grab. like an exacto knife

I hope that you found the experience of this person to be helpful and useful?

You can find the hose assembly here


David Snape

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