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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Toothy Grins Store Now Offers The Hydro Floss 4 Pack!

The Hydro Floss Four Pack

Need to get your Holiday shopping done early? 

What better gift to give than the gift of better dental health.

You can be a hero when you save your loved ones thousands of dollars in costly dental procedures in the future! 

Gum Disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss known to man.  Those implants can be quite costly and troublesome. 

If you are like me, sitting in the dentist's chair and listening to all that expensive equipment racking up costly expenditures on your wallet, you might want to think about prevention! 

And your family?  They need prevention too!   One doctor once told me, "Prevention doesn't pay!". 

He meant for himself, of course!  Prevention does pay off for the patient. 

Gum disease is a serious problem.  

Check out the Hydro Floss 4 Pack today.  

*This post is speaks in general terms only.  If you have a specific question about your own unique dental health situation, be sure to ask your doctor or dentist.