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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hydro Floss + Book Offer - From Toothy Grins Store

There is a offer for the Hydro Floss plus a free copy of the Book:  What You Should Know About Gum Disease. 

Here is the link:

Having our dental health under control can help us to keep our teeth for a lifetime of good service.

We have the potential to save a lot of money on expensive dental surgeries, gum grafts, SRP  (scaling and root planing treatments), laser treatments  and perhaps other treatments that can be costly and painful.

What You Should Know About Gum Disease  as well as  How To Stop Gum Disease In 4 Easy Steps   - These are two powerful books containing information that every family should have.

Don't miss this opportunity to check them out now.   Dental professionals tell us that 75% of people have some gum disease right now whether they know it or not!

So, now is the time to take action:

what you should know about gum disease