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Friday, September 14, 2012

US Congress Digests Information On Organ Harvesting For Profit

Can you imagine the utter horror of being killed so that your organs could be sold to someone else? 

Is this the ultimate in control  and slavery?  

Could a state regime become so bad that they would stoop to such a level?  

Well guess what?  It appears that it has been happening for years now and very few people are aware of it.

The same people who are forced into slave labor or are kidnapped and illegally sentenced can be violated in the cruelest of manners.   It appears that cruelty can now extend to after death.

The US congress has recently  been reviewing information on organ harvesting for profit:

This goes far beyond anything reasonable and gives a hint to the depths that an unelected government will stoop to  :  Organ Harvesting for Profit. 

There are just too many sick people in the world,  aren't there?