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Friday, September 21, 2012

List Your Blog For Greater Exposure

 Note:  ON Listing Your Blog

 I just uploaded a video on how to list your blog for (hopefully) greater exposure.

You can view the page through the link below this video and see how many have already taken advantage of this free resource.  First:  List your blog

Let others know.  The greater this resource grows, the greater the potential benefit to you. 

Link To Listing Page:

PS:  You can also relist your blog after there have been about 20 or thirty listing between your last listing and the new one.   So bookmark the page on All Things Pondered  and visit often:

PPS:  There are also other places to list your non-blog websites and even ecommerce coupons etc.   Use all of these resources and (hopefully) the value to you will grow over time.