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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Credit Card Company Complaints

Sometimes you come across a credit card company that has been doing something wrong.

For example, perhaps they keep recharging you for fees that you already paid.  Or perhaps they charge you a late fee when you can prove they cashed the check before the due date.

Some credit card companies are worse than others.

If you have had a bad experience you may be hopping mad about it.  Not many people would blame you for that.

When you have trouble with a company it is usually a frustrating and time wasting experience.

I dislike having my time wasted by anyone, especially companies who are making money off me in the first place.  I feel they have an obligation to provide exceptional customer service.

If I have to waste my time straightening out a problem, it does not sit well with me.

Here is a list of options for credit card  company complaints

I try the easiest and less drastic methods first.  But if it comes down to getting the government involved to get a problem straightened out, do not hesitate.  That is what you pay your taxes for.