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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Story of The Farmer And The Banker

Have you heard The Story Of The Farmer and The Banker yet?

This fictional story is based on a realistic scenario about what can happen when you borrow money from a bank and use your property as collatorial.

It is a sad thing to lose your property.

When you discover that the money lent to you in the first place was 'fake money', you may begin to look at the whole banking picture and financial systems from a different perspective.

This is an interesting read for anyone who has a loan based on any type of collateral.

When there is no collateral, the bank making the loan takes on more risk. These are called 'signature loans' and are a very different story in reality.

But, this story is about the former scenario and has a sad ending.  

Read The Story of the Banker and The Farmer now.