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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Can Spaniards Cope With A 23% unemployment Rate?

Yes, I just read that Spain has just a little bit less than 23% unemployment rate! 

That's staggering, isn't it?  And it is also very sad.  

I can't imagine what that would be like, nor do I want to.   People in the US are upset about a 9% unemployment rate.  Can you imagine a 23% one?

The question is, how can Spaniards cope with a 23% unemployment rate.  

I hope that answers are forthcoming and that they are wholesome, good answers.

It seems to me that there should be no reason for the economy to be suffering like this! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Did I do the right thing?

I have been wondering if I did the right thing in this situation.

Specifically,  I want to know if I took the right actions?

2.  Am I off my rocker for getting annoyed at these three people?

3.  Should I not even be thinking twice about this?

4. Is this a stupid thing to worry about.

The question is:  Did I do the Right Thing?  

Getting Rid of Morning Breath

Morning breath is a problem that many people suffer from.  One expert has said that about 35% of people have it all of the time and about 35% have it some of the time.

All told, that is about 70% of people that either have morning breath some of the time or all of the time. 

I suspect there is more because what we eat before going to bed - particularly if we don't brush, could have an effect all by itself.

Most bad breath is caused by anaerobic sulfur compound producing bacteria in the folds of the tongue and back of the throat. If if you want to get rid of morning breath then you will need to pay close attention to this article on: getting rid of morning breath

The good news is that you can do something about it.  Many people think it is just a part of life and put up with it.  How much better would your morning be if you didn't have it or your significant other didn't have it.  Click the link above to read more. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Health Care Cost Comparison Between the US and Germany

I thought it would be interesting to share exactly how much my health care bill was for a trip to the hospital after a bicycle accident.

I had a concussion and was x-rayed for any damage to my skull or facial bones.

Insurance co-pays can be expensive in the US.   A trip to the hospital's emergency room can be quite costly, even when you do have insurance.

Be prepared to be a little surprised at what you are about to read - If you are an American that is...

Maybe your eyes will be opened a little. 

What it cost to be treated for a head injurty in a Germany hospital via the emergency room

Hydro Floss 3 Pack

Have you ever thought that you would like to buy your Hydro Floss irrigators 3 at a time? 

There are many reasons for this.

You may want to give one to multiple family members or friends.

Clearly,  those who have used the Hydro Floss and understand its value,  will want to share the benefits with others.

On the other hand, you may have multiple bathrooms in your house.   It would be great to have the convenience of the Hydro Floss available to you in all possible places.  It would also be handy for your guests.

In addition, there may be people who have multiple houses and would like to have one in each house. 

Perhaps one would also like to travel with their Hydro Floss

Therefore, you can get a Hydro Floss 3 Pack

Bicycle Accident and Trolley Tracks

Interested in seeing the result of trolley tracks and bicycle front tires intersecting at the wrong angle?

I have a picture to share of my face after such an accident.

This is also a strong caution to be sure and use a safety helmet to protect your head.   I hit my head hard enough to lose some of my memory.

I was shocked and stunned for a while and had trouble realizing what just happened to me and where I was.

I had a similar feeling as to when I am in a dream and see strange places or events. It was as if I didn't really belong where I was.

Scary feeling.

Read more: My Face After the Bicycle Accident

Get Paid for Doing Online Work - Contract Work

Looking to get paid to do online work? 

There is never a shortage of people who would like to earn a little extra money.   This is probably even more certain in the current economic times.

Doing online work is often something you can do from your computer at home. 

The question has always been:  Where do you find such work that is legitimate?

You can read about a company that guarantees its workers get paid and has a long standing reputation as a trusted third party that brings potential contract workers together with prospective buyers of such services.

When you have an online trusted third party, it tends to relieve some of the burden of fear that you could be wasting even more time.

Read more about getting paid to do online work

The Story of The Farmer And The Banker

Have you heard The Story Of The Farmer and The Banker yet?

This fictional story is based on a realistic scenario about what can happen when you borrow money from a bank and use your property as collatorial.

It is a sad thing to lose your property.

When you discover that the money lent to you in the first place was 'fake money', you may begin to look at the whole banking picture and financial systems from a different perspective.

This is an interesting read for anyone who has a loan based on any type of collateral.

When there is no collateral, the bank making the loan takes on more risk. These are called 'signature loans' and are a very different story in reality.

But, this story is about the former scenario and has a sad ending.  

Read The Story of the Banker and The Farmer now.